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UNESCO declares 2007 as year of Rumi - 10/11 bomb blast at Ajmer Dargah Sufi Shrine in India -

The bomb blast of 10/11 at Ajmer Darghah ( Sufi shrine)  in India,  is a allergic reaction by terrorists to the antibiotic called Sufi Ideology.

UNESCO has declared the year 2007 as the Year of RUMI - the great Sufi Mystic. This was done to bring world peace as Sufi Ideology unites Islam and Christianity and Judaism and Hinduism.

Sufi Ideology will bring PEACE in Middle East between Shias and Sunnis and Christians and Jews.

There is a pattern emerging by the Ajmer Darghah blasts of 10/11 which indicate to 9/11 terrorist attacks on USA and 7/11 terrorist blasts on India


11th September and 11th July and 11th October reveal a pattern of terrorists.

My prediction is that the terrorists did a bomb blast at Ajmer Dargah ( Sufi shrine) out of sheer frustration at the success of Sufi Ideology towards world peace.

10/11 blast at Sufi Shrine at Ajmer coincides with UNESCO declaring Year 2007 as the Year of Rumi for World Peace.

My book Mystical Ecstasy SUFI Practices was released on 6/9 ie 6th September 2007

The terrorists have suffered an allergic reaction to the Antibiotic called Sufi Ideology for World Peace, post  September 11 terrorist attacks.
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