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Documentary Film

Hi there,


I am currently researching for a documentary about poly relationships for one of the British Broadcasters.  Firefly, the company I work for, has a proven track record for making high profile documentary films often about sensitive and complex subjects.  The film that we are making will give three couples or families the chance to tell their story.  It is going to be a thought provoking, optimistic film looking at the positives of living in a poly relationship


If there’s anyone in the group who is currently in a poly relationship or knows of anyone who is then I would love to have a chat. Even if you are not interested in taking part in the film I would still very much value the chance to speak with you to help me with research. Attached are my contact details - alternatively please let me know how I can best contact you and I will call you whenever is most convenient for you.


I hope to hear from you soon.


Many Thanks for your time.




Tel: - 020 7033 2300

Email – katherineanstey@fireflyproductions.tv

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